Chinese military intelligence data leaked to the dark web

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Chinese users have discovered that the "Breach Forums" website sells secret documents of Taiwanese intelligence agencies. The price of 10 GB of data is $150,000. The documents contain military intelligence reports abroad and personal details of agents. The seller stated that the first batch of 6 GB data has already been sold for $100,000.

Experts suspect that Taiwan's military intelligence units based overseas and agents from friendly countries are exchanging sensitive information. Although the Bureau of Investigation has previously stressed that it has relevant information, it has not yet announced the details of the investigation.

The information in the documents contains:

The sample documents also describe information about the family and life of employees. For example, the data sample mentions a 35-year-old Taiwanese with “reduced monetary income”, “intention to develop in mainland China in the future”, who “exchanged information across the strait through connections and trust relationships with the recipient”, and other confidential data.

According to the user who discovered the documents, Breach Forums noticed that Taiwan had become aware of the leaked data on the darknet and intentionally released more information.