How to increase the effect of marijuana?

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Every marijuana smoker wants to get the most out of this process. There are many theories about how to make marijuana highs stronger.

There is 1 really working way and several less effective approaches to achieve this goal. All other options belong to the realm of fantasy and are not confirmed by practice.


The most effective method to enhance the effects of cannabis is to take nootropics. The drug phenibut increases the effects of marijuana smoking many times over. Moreover, its use does not cause additional side effects.

To get the desired pleasure, you need to take from 0.5 to 2 tablets of Phenibut. Then wait 1 hour, smoke marijuana and enjoy the effects. This method has been repeatedly tested by users and tested in practice.

Other nootropics can also be used. However, their action may be manifested differently. It is known that phenotropil greatly accelerates the process of exposure, the sensations are too strong and fleeting.


A less effective but working method to enhance the effects of cannabis is to consume mangoes. This is due to the presence of myrcene and terpenes in mangoes.

When eating the fruit, these compounds enter directly into the human bloodstream. Marijuana THC interacts with terpenes and increases the potency. The fruit also has the ability to prolong the effects of cannabis.

The duration of the trip depends on individual tolerance to the substance. If you want to prolong the effect on the body, it is recommended to eat mango before smoking marijuana.

Mango is good to use as a snack. All marijuana smokers are drawn to unhealthy fatty foods. Instead of chips and snacks, you can eat mangoes. This fruit contains only 130 calories.

Its intake protects against excess weight in the process of overeating associated with smoking weed. Mango regulates blood sugar levels and even helps to lose extra pounds.

Among the wonderful properties of mango, one more thing needs to be highlighted. The fruit contains polyphenols, which can regulate inflammation in the human body. This means that mango reduces the growth of cancer cells and prevents the formation of oncological tumors.

All information is presented for informational purposes and does not call for action!

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Weed makes me creative, but in a dumb consumerist way. LSD on the other hand, a 40ug dose and productivity goes through the roof, I can think of a high level painting or song.

Guest il y a 1 an

I'll get creative ideas when I use Piracetam. It doesn't feel like it does when I get ideas while stoned, but I'd say the ideas are comparable.

Guest il y a 1 an

Modafinil and cannabis are a great combo

Guest il y a 1 an

Just smoke more. Nothing is gonna get you higher.

Guest il y a 1 an

Some people say Agmatine Sulfate does. I haven't seen convincing evidence of any of them helping, just anecdotal reports for some people though. Similar to the mango myth imo.