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ProPublica — Investigative Journalism and News in the Public Interest
prevent it - We are testing a therapist-assisted online therapy program, designed to help individuals have more control over their behavior and make wiser decisions. The psychological treatment method we are evaluating is cognitive behavioral therapy.Who are we looking for to join our study?Individuals who currently look at Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM)* and who want to reduce this use.We also require you to be over 18 years old and be able to read and write English. The participation is free of charge and anonymous and 2 months long.
My Onion Bookmarks - Save your onion links online and anonymously
decoded.legal - We are a tech-savvy virtual English law firm, helping Internet, telecoms, and technology businesses achieve their commercial goals, and navigate often complex regulatory environments. Basically, we help you make more money and carry less risk.
Freedom of the Press Foundation
The objective of the project is to map the successful and unsuccessful deals of drugs based on the origin and destination of the deals as well as the types of drugs. This website shows the average rate of success of deals.Clearnet: https://drugroutes.com/
Darknet2Web - TOR V3 Catalog, News, Search and more
Dark Jobs - a place where you commission dark job or do dark job anonymously. A contractor doesn't know the principal, and principal doesn't know the contractor.
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